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Dictate + Connect (Dictamus)

9 usd

Leave your dictaphone in your office. With Dictate + Connect on your Android phone, you'll always be with a recorder that can do more than most high-end dictaphones, and that's easier and more intuitive to use. Free yourself from tapes, computers and cables and send your dictations straight from your Android phone to your transcriptionist. Dictate + Connect offers excellent sound quality, impressively exact voice activation, secure encryption and many ways to transfer your dictations.* Rewind and overwrite anywhere* Instant dictation controls* Precise voice activation* Intuitive, easy to understand user interface* Lots of sharing methods (E-mail, FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, Dropbox, etc.)* AES-128 encryption* WAV and MP4 format (MP4 requires Android 4.1 or higher)
Check out “Dictate + Connect Free for Android”, our free limited version of Dictate + Connect for Android, to experience the functionality and feel of the full version. Dictate + Connect Free offers everything that Dictate + Connect does, but limits each single dictation to a length of 30 seconds instead of 24 hours. It also manages no more than 5 dictations at the same time.